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A request for advice - the presence of someone (?) At home ... I do not even know wha

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I got here by searching through Google for links between noticing a character and meditation. In this way I found the following topic:


A strange character during meditation


Hmm ... with me ... it was like this.


I started to meditate in September 2013, only with the online course of the chakra7. It seems to me a simple method of balancing my energy system by focusing and simple affirmations, I hardly enter the same too deeply into the subject ... unless I'm wrong? I am quite green in the subject, so please, straighten out any nonsense I write.


About two years ago, not long after I parted with my father's father, I lay on the bed with her, because she woke up around 11pm and was afraid to fall asleep. I told her stories, I managed to calm her down, we laughed, suddenly she glanced behind my back, the smile died on her face, the pupils immediately expanded and she asked, horrified, "Who went there?". The shivers passed me. I looked back, telling her that we are alone in the house, there is no one, but I will check, and if I have an invisible poker, I will arrange everything. The most important thing was not to increase her fear, although it scared me too. Children, after all, see different things. And she did not lie. Her eyes told the truth. I checked the house - we have a small flat, just 30 square meters, it was hard;) I talked to her, I asked gently for details, I taught the prayer to the guardian angel, as if afraid, we refused together and fell asleep.


I would like to point out that my new relationship with someone who turned out to be a toxic man for me was completely new, and the relationship ended in December 2012. I do not know if it matters.


Then there was peace for a long time.


I started to meditate, as I said in September 2013.


Two weeks ago, we were alone again in the evening, and her daughter slept peacefully. Sitting at the computer, I glanced at the window that reflected the mirror. And I had the impression, lasting maybe 2-3 seconds, that I can see the back of a black-faced figure who is walking away. I do not know if I was afraid of her ... I mean, I was scared. I was particularly afraid that it was unknown.


I also had some other strange events in my life. I do not know if they are related. I do not want to suggest interpretation.


As a teenager, when I lived with my parents, I played organ, something did not work, I interrupted the game and wanted to sigh "echo (here my name)" ... and before I let out the air I heard these words, as if spoken outside me. I froze. That same evening my dog ​​raged at the door, he did not want to fall asleep, he wanted to leave, first I wanted to calm him down, then I finally let go and turned on the light. In the corner, a huge, bright green locust was moving between the wall and the ceiling. There was a rash then, and I lived near the wilderness, she could get in through the window. No wonder that the dog panicked, he did not belong to the defensive.


Or a situation when a friend taught me abstract thinking. He said to let the thoughts go slowly, let loose the associations, whatever, with whatever, I closed my eyes, thoughts rushing like crazy, chaotic and someone slapped my shoulder. I thought "damn it".


Or with the same friend, I had such an event that I sensed him at a distance, something happened to him, I reacted to this anger - it was not his anger, only mine, in reaction. I was able to limit empathy, to distinguish one's emotions from my own, because once ... for years, I did not have such limits. Access to your emotions too.


I know how it sounds. Total lure.


For the winter I felt weak and weaker, finished, worthless, isolated from people, I closed myself ... well, I worked a lot ... maybe the usual fatigue that passes now when the sun appears.


So the question to you. What is happening - especially when it comes to these two events described first - this figure in my home, which my daughter once saw in the past two years, once me.


A colleague persuades me to stop meditating ... I do not know. If I feel something like that - twice for an hour I tried to do exercises to see the aura along my path. Once I saw green - turquoise around a red object. And I started this exercise only ... in December 2013? I started. Too much said.


In any case, since some people sense it, I do not think it's going to suddenly become a force with a knot cut off from spirituality ... just to know how to protect myself, I do not know.


What to do with this?

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