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Świątynia Seta


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Witam. Ostatnio się zainteresowałem pewnym odłamem satanizmu a mianowicie Świątynią Seta. Czy mógł by mi ktoś przybliżyć jej ideologię, wierzenia, i czy oprócz Seta wierzą w jakiś innych bogów? Kto według tej religii stworzył świat? Co nie co juz o tym czytałem ale albo nie umiem się obsługiwać GOOGLE' ami, albo faktycznie w necie nie ma istotnych informacji na ten temat. Byłem na oficjalnej stronie, no ale cóż, mój angielski nie jest na tyle opanowany abym mógł wiernie sobie tę stronkę przetłumaczył ;)


Byłbym wdzięczny za Waszą pomoc ;)...z góry dzięki bardzo

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Co nie co juz o tym czytałem ale albo nie umiem się obsługiwać GOOGLE' ami, albo faktycznie w necie nie ma istotnych informacji na ten temat. Byłem na oficjalnej stronie, no ale cóż, mój angielski nie jest na tyle opanowany abym mógł wiernie sobie tę stronkę przetłumaczył ;)


Znaczy wszystko co może, trzyma Cię od tego tematu jak najdalej. To chyba jakiś znak. ;D

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heh...raczej wątpię ;P...bardziej prawdopodobne jest to, że nikomu nie chce sie publikować o tym informacji ;D...no ale dzięki za odpowiedz xD

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Przede wszystkim satanizm nie jest religią. Jeśli chodzi o stworzenie świata to pierwsze słyszę żeby coś na ten temat głosili. I szczerze mówiąc jeśli mają jakieś przemyślenia to wątpię, że znacząco się różnią od tych pierwotnych "mitów".

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może spróbuj otwierać ich strony w przeglądarce chrome (ma opcję tłumaczenia stron na język polski) albo kopiuj do tłumacza google


Przede wszystkim satanizm nie jest religią.

to zależy od definicji - np. encyklopedia PWN

religia, zjawisko społ.-kulturowe, którego istotnym elementem jest stosunek człowieka do sacrum; r. bada się jako strukturę złożoną z doktryny (wierzenia dotyczące genezy, struktury i celu istnienia człowieka i świata), kultu (praktyki związane z tymi wierzeniami) oraz organizacji (instytucje kształtujące świadomość rel. i formę życia rel. wyznawców); wielość r. jest wynikiem różnego pojmowania i wyobrażania sacrum przez różne ludy i grupy społ. (totem, fetysz, mana, duchy przyrody i przodków, panteon bóstw, Bóg pojmowany jako byt transcendentny i osobowy); przyjmuje się podział r. na: uniwersalistyczne (buddyzm, chrześcijaństwo, islam) i etniczne (nar. i plemienne), a także na teocentryczne (judaizm, chrześcijaństwo, islam, zaratusztrianizm) i kosmocentryczne (religie staroż., animizm, religie Wschodu).


tak pojmowaną religią jest satanizm - no i pewnie też spora część ezoteryki

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The Temple of Set is today's leading religious and philosophical initiatory

organization of the left hand path. (At least we think it is.)

- The Temple of Set is a philosophical organization. Its activities revolve

around the philosophies represented by the ancient Egyptian principle of

Xeper (roughly translated as "self-improvement" or "self-creation"), and

the ideals represented by our modern understanding of Set, once called a

god by the ancient Egyptians.

- The Temple of Set is an initiatory organization, dedicated to the growth

and development of its members. We recognize several levels or degrees of

initiation, and identify our members by their degree. This helps our

members recognize and work with their relative peers. It also helps our

less experienced members identify the more senior initiates when they have

difficult questions with which they need help.

- The Temple of Set is a religion, incorporated in and recognized as a

religion by the state of California and the federal government of the

U.S.A. Its priesthood represents not only the Temple and its organization,

but they also represent the being we call Set. We are an unusual religion

in several ways:

- We have no permanent building or church, believing that each of our

members can follow the religion on their own, wherever they happen to


- We do not "worship" Set (or anything else) as most religions would use

that word, nor do we worship any god as conventional religions use

that terms. Set, whose name likely has the ultimate meaning of

"Initiation," causes change in the Universe by the simple fact of his

Being. In seeking our self-change and betterment, we put into motion

those changes in the world that are Set's Work in the world of

mankind. Our bond with Set, is one of self-interest. As a religion we

believe in Set and work with Set, but do so more as if he were a

father, elder brother, or close friend, rather than a god as defined

by most religions. (Whether we call him a god or not depends upon our

individual views and definitions of just what a "god" is.)

- We don't require religious belief of our junior members. The

philosophy of Xeper and the process of initiation are more important

to us than the religion.

- The term "left hand path" suggests a philosophical orientation which feels

that the individual is extremely important. The individual initiate

pursuing Xeper is more important than our society in general, any peer

group, and any organization (including even the Temple of Set itself).

Responsible individualism and freedom are goals to which the organization

lends its energies.

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by Magus Webb

1. Secret number One: The source of Power is within you, but that doesn't

mean it's easy to find. You can get a copy of Setian rituals and say the words

until you're blue in the face, but if you don't do the Work of finding what

makes you (in potential) a god, isolate that, strengthen it, and remove your

internal obstacles, the words won't work.

2. Secret number Two: The source of Power is also beyond you. Set's Bond with

us is through our Wills. To Become Setian doesn't mean that you are smarter,

stronger, or wiser. It means that your Will has -- *for a limited period* --

been increased in certain directions. You are as free as before, but some of

your actions will take on unexpected power, because they are Resonate with the

Purpose of the Prince of Darkness.

If you get your act together during this time, and choose a life that is

Resonate with the Prince of Darkness, you will rise up quickly in what you do.

If you don't take advantage of the state, your passage thorough the Temple will

be entertaining but not Transform anything other than your mind.

Magicians that don't use the Knowledge that the Aeonic boost is short, die

poor. (Crowley, Spare, Fortune). Magicians who decide that they won't plan to

help out the Aeon in the long-run, die stupid. (You may have met these fools,

"My goals are a good car, a good job, and a good husband." -- as soon as they

get this, they give up the practice.) Without the Temple you don't get the


3. Secret number Three: The Secrets of the Temple are living texts not dead

ones. You must watch Setians year after year. You must see them go from little

wearers of black t-shirts to people that exhibit art in galleries, from almost

street people to folks in PH. D. programs, from timid housewives to owners of

martial arts studios. Burn all our books, but leave our eyes and ears and we

will know the Secret, which is that Xeper happens.

4. Secret number Four: The Temple is only a tool. Any fool that is caught up

in Degrees, Orders and whatnot is worshiping his screwdriver. You begin by

asking yourself what your goals are, and telling us as you go along how the

philosophy helped you refine your own choices, and the magic helped you get

what you need. That's a pretty hard secret for a "disgruntled" member to "out."

5. Secret number Five: If you want to change the world, you need to let your

spells and techniques find people smart and powerful enough to use them. So

the sort of thing immature occult organizations "hide" we often lay directly in

front of the public -- sometimes in obvious forms like books by myself and Dr.

Flowers -- sometimes in less obvious ways. Share what you know and your Power

will grow.

6. Secret number Six: No organization can provide you acsess to the important

Secrets, which are deep within your way of being. Letting people know this

empowers the best and brightest and frustrates the poser and weakling.

7. Secret number Seven: Real Secrets are hidden in the great Darkness the

profane call the Future.

There, I have laid all things bare, and like True Secrets, I have given away

nothing. If you are wise enough to know these things, you know that I at least

know the words, but there is no way save knowing me, to know if I truly Know.

If you do not know these Secrets, you will think I am hiding something, or

merely being patronizing. If you know some of these things, then the lure to

know more will draw you to use like iron to a lodestone.


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Ritual of the Passage Through the Tuat

Classification: V2 - B2R.1 - 2

Author: Janice Harris II°

Date: ca. XI-XII

[Lighting of candles and brazier.]

[Ringing of the bell.]

[Censing of the chamber.]

[Conjuration of the Elemental Forces:] Sekhmet! I summon you, goddess of fire. Come forth

from the barren wastes and burning heat of the desert. Be with me this night.

Thoth! Lord of mystery and magic, wrapped in starlight. Come, bearer of wisdom, for I

summon you this night.

Seb! Lord of the earth, rise up from flaming lava spewn from the Earth's core. Come forth and

join me this night.

Nu! Awaken from thy slumber amidst seaweed-draped ruins, and once more honor the ancient

bond. Be with me this night.

[Consecration of the chalice:] Behold, all ye who dwell in darkness: I have poured every drop

of my blood into the cup of the Scarlet Woman, and she hath lifted it to her crimson lips and

drunk thereof. No single drop hath fallen, lest all be lost.

[Opening of the Gate and Main Invocation:] Set, lord of that ancient land, gift of the Nile:

Time melts into nothingness, and I stand amidst the columns of thy house in PaMat-et.

Brooding in silent majesty, the gods gaze down upon golden sands rippling in the wind.

As thou revealed thy wisdom to the chosen sons of Khem in dim aeons past, so do I partake of

the divine gift.

Darkness descends upon Earth, and grim Osiris shall open the doors of the House of Death.

O thou who bear the crook for thy people and the flail for thy enemies, bring swift justice to

those who seek thee not!

Just as Amon-Ra journeys beyond the western horizon into the place of torment and

destruction, to arise again at dawn, so shall I come forth.

On the day of judgment I stand boldly before the gods who promise torment unending, but I

am of Set, and fear not the wrath of Osiris.

[invocation to Anubis:] Hear me, great jackal! Be my guardian and guide in life as thou art

in the realms beyond death. Be with me this night, as my mind seeks passage through the

seven pylons of the Tuat. Let me look upon the Terrible Ones, that they may test my

worthiness to enter.

Publication: Black Nebulae, I.1

HTML Revision: Oct. 26, 1998 CE

Subject: Tuat

Reading List: 2

[At this point in the ceremony, the magician must visualize the dimension known by the

Egyptians as the Tuat, or a place similar to the Christian concept of Hell.]

[Address to the Guardians of the Pylons:] Hail, ye seven beings who make decrees, who

support the balance on the Night of the Judgment of the Utchat, who cut off hands, who hack

necks in pieces, who take possession of hearts by violence and rend the places where hearts

are fixed, who slaughter in the lake of Fire. I know you, and I know your names.

O thou of the First Gate, who art Sethet-hra-asht-aru, allow me to pass thy guarded

threshold. Thou of the Second Gate, who art Tunhat, permit me free passage. Guardian of the

Third Gate, who art Am-huat-ent-pehfi, let me enter. Guardians of the Fourth Gate and of the

Fifth Gate, Khesef-hra-asht-kheru and Ankh-em-fentu, allow me to pass unharmed. Dreaded

ones of the last Gates, Akentauk-ha-kheru and Metes-sen, open the way.

[Conclusion:] In the great night of judgment, I come before the gods; yet they are but

memories, shadows without substance; and only one of them has power.

They are past, and their houses are dust. Their day is gone, and their worshippers long

forgotten. Only he who was hated and whose image was defiled remains. It is Set whom I call

as I stand in this lonely ruin, in a land whose glory is no more.

[Ringing of the bell and end of the ceremony.]

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Rite of Self Initiation

[Prepare the Chamber.]

[Dress according to Setian custom.]

[Purify the air by ringing the bell.]

[Light the Black Flame / Open the Gate.]

[The celebrant traces the Pentagram of Set with the sword, starting at the Eighth Angle, and

proceding to the Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, and finally the Ninth. At each point he says:]

[Eighth Angle:] Within is

[seventh:] the First Flame

[sixth:] creation

[Fifth:] darkness

[Ninth:] eternal life

The Oath

By the Pentagram of Set, I swear henceforth to be a noble representative of the Principle of

Isolate Intelligence, the Majestic Set, who is ordered in and of His Self and whose Will is

manifest in this world through the ordinance of His Priesthood.


In the name of Set, the Prince of Darkness, I enter upon this Work of Creation and Self

generated Godly Becoming. By the magic of your Great Pentagram may you see with my eyes

and be my guide through this journey into the perilous void. Arm me with the Sceptre of

Tcham, that I might dismay all challengers, defy all constraints, and obliterate all that is

moved to appear against me. Through the power of that Art which is mine to command, I call

upon the Universe to bear witness to these changes I now evoke by the might of this Doom I


Classification: V2 - B55.RI - 2

Author: William D. Pridgen II° -- The Order of the Scarab

Date: October, XXVII

Publication: Mendes Cronicles (Ba-neb-Tett Pylon), South Solstice, XXVII

HTML Revision: Dec 17, 1998 CE

Subject: Xeper

Reading List:

[Drink from the Grail]

Call to the Elements

O Mighty Sekhmet, Goddess of Vengeance, Fire of Life, come forth from the Watchtower of

Fire, in the Southern Quadrant of the Universe, guide and protect this sacred Order.

O Mighty Shu, God of the Air, Breath of Life, come forth from the Watchtower of Air, in the

Eastern Quadrant of the Universe, guide and protect this sacred Order.

O Mighty Geb, God of the Earth, Foundation of Life, come forth from the Watchtower of the

Earth, in the Northern Quadrant of the Universe, guide and protect this sacred Order.

O Mighty Tefnut, Goddess of Moisture, Water of Life, come forth from the Watchtower of

Water, in the Western Quadrant of the Universe, guide and protect this sacred Order.


I call upon Asmodeus, Daemon of Science and Judgment, to teach the methods of synthesis

and induction, that I may discern truth and falsehood.

I call upon Astaroth, Daemon of Aesthetic Sensitivity, to teach the methods of analysis and

deduction, that I may appreciate these attainments through artistic temperament.

I call upon Belial, Daemon of Essence, to teach dominion over the Universe through the

discipline of Self mastery, that I may direct my Xeper ever onward toward the limitlessness of

my conscious existence. I have Come Into Being and have creatd through Remanifestation

that which has Come Into Being.

Xepera Xeper Xeperu!

[Extinguish the Black Flame / Close the Gate.]

[Purify the air by ringing the bell.]

[so it is done.]


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Like the Church of Satan before it, the Temple of Set would not exist if there were not a

need for it to exist. In the case of the Church of Satan, the need was for a medium in

which to give vent to anger against the hypocrisy of conventional society - a hypocrisy

which seemed most directly the legacy of the mainstream Western religions. Having

expressed their anger both ritualistically and intellectually, Satanists found themselves

confronted with the challenge to build a more perfect world from the ruins of the old.

Some initial steps were taken, but psychologically, symbolically and organizationally the

Church of Satan was not equipped for this task. Tensions arising between the

hedonistic/critical and idealistic/ constructive currents in the Church served to crystallize,

if not to cause the crisis of X/1975 that resulted in the formation of the Temple of Set.

In the Temple of Set the idealistic/constructive current was immediately the prevalent

one, with the Satanic current becoming more of a Western-cultural theme which could be

invoked should the need arise. The Temple's perception of conventional society remained

highly critical: It is a social medium in which the individual is forced to exist. While not

all of it is hostile, much of it that appears benevolent or even neutral is in fact governed

by natural or human forces which are ultimately predatory.

Onyx Tablet: OT.Intro © Temple of Set

Author: Michael A. Aquino VI°

Date: June 21, 1997 CE


HTML Revision: August 8, 1999 CE

Thus, like the Church of Satan before it, the Temple of Set sees society in much the same

way as the Enlightenment philosopher Thomas Hobbes described it: a fiercely

competitive struggle in which each person is driven solely by personal gratification.

Professed altruism is merely disguised gratification, as is most of what is termed "love".

The task of the Temple of Set is twofold:

First, we wish to construct a haven for Initiates in which Hobbesian motives and behavior

are minimized, if not eliminated. In their place we wish to encourage a nobility of

intellect and spirit mandated by our conviction that the human psyche is a non-natural

phenomenon which need not be bound to the destructive, entropic forces of nature, and

which has the potential to evolve into a form of self-consciousness transcending these

forces altogether: true, psychecentric divinity.

Secondly the Temple of Set desires, insofar as possible, to preserve the benefit of our

experience for human society generally. The principles that justify the existence of the

Temple apply not just to its formal Initiates, but to humanity as a whole. If most of that

humanity is not yet ready to confront its evolutionary potential, the requisite tools may at

least be developed and safeguarded against a time when society may rise from its selfimposed

imprisonment to grasp them.

If the Temple of Set were energized solely by the rational aspirations of its affiliates,

there would be no need - and no true justification - for a "priesthood". In that case it

would be a society, a club, or a foundation. The Temple of Set, however, is indeed more

than the sum of its parti****nts. It was founded not as a common-interest group, but

rather in response to the challenge of a trans-human entity known to us as Set, initially

through the phenomenon of the Book of Coming Forth by Night. This same entity -

known under various names throughout history as the source of independent, non-natural

consciousness - has further pledged to lend its energies, wisdom, and sensations in

furtherance of the Temple's cause. It is here that the Priesthood of Set assumes its identity

and justification.

The central, crucial characteristic of the Priesthood of Set is that, when an individual so

consecrated expends the effort to do so, he or she may experience, represent, and

manifest the consciousness of Set. The precision to which this is done, and the media

through which it is expressed, vary from individual to individual.

It is because of this characteristic that even extraordinary competence in the Black Arts -

characteristic of Recognition as an Adept II° of the Temple of Set - is *not* sufficient for

Recognition to the Priesthood III°. It is further because of this characteristic that all

"priesthoods" other than that of the Prince of Darkness are spurious: naively self-deceitful

at best and fraudulent at worst. If there is no unified, conscious intelligence for which

conventional priesthoods may serve as a medium - and the inertia of the objective

universe argues against this - then there is nothing behind such priesthoods, and the

religions which have grown up around them, save the passion of humankind to believe

that it is more than a mere accident in the ebb and flow of the cosmos.

To be a Priest or Priestess of Set, therefore, is an experience completely unique in

humanity. Without the sacrifice of one's individuality, one apprehends an additional

consciousness distinct from the forces of the objective universe and interacts with it. The

Initiation of each Priest and Priestess is a function of this interaction, and so their beings

and persons are sacred. But incumbent upon such Initiates is the responsibility to

"translate" this intensely personal experience into thoughts, words, and deeds in the

worlds of Initiated and non-initiated humanity that has not been so consecrated. Thus the

wisdom of Set shall continue to inspire, ennoble, and elevate humanity towards its

eventual freedom from the prison of objective/universal inertia and entropy.

Below such vast aspirations, the Priesthood must not seek to particularize the Will of Set

into the incidental give-and-take of human interaction. Human problems and

disagreements are not the sort with which such an Ageless Intelligence is concerned. Of

course Priests and Priestesses may invoke the wisdom to which they alone have access in

order to address human issues. They themselves are incarnations of Set in this capacity:

completely self-aware and self-conscious beings in a world peopled otherwise by humans

who are, to a greater or lesser degree, controlled by natural forces.

The experience of the Priesthood of Set is not comprehensible to those who have not

partaken of it, because it cannot be explained as a function of other human knowledge or

experiences. What humans cannot easily understand, they have historically tended to

regard with apprehension and suspicion. This is - in the precise sense of the term - a

natural tendency which cannot be rationally overcome.

The Priesthood should not resent humankind for this, but must take the tendency into

account when interacting with humans. An empathetic, sensitive balance must be found

in which the influence unique to the Priesthood continues to be brought to bear upon

humanity, but also in which the Priest or Priestess is not ostracized by humanity. This is a

continuous, difficult task - and one which all Initiates of the Priesthood must expect for

the duration of their exercise of office.

The _Onyx Tablet of Set_ is that part of the _Jeweled Tablets of Set_ which contains

information peculiar to the experience of the Priesthood of Set. It is divided into two

prin****l sections: the "Outer Temple" and the "Inner Temple". The "Outer Temple"

encompasses those documents which the Priesthood requires for the procedural,

organizational, and diplomatic governance and representation of the Temple of Set both

internally and externally. The "Inner Temple" embraces subjects which are pertinent to

the experience of the Priesthood. By this is meant not memoirs, Working records, or

creative writings which can more appropriately be exposed to the readership of the Ruby

Tablet, but rather information which is specifically addressed to other Priests and

Priestesses of the present and future, to enable them to better comprehend and execute

their office. The Onyx Tablet focuses exclusively on the concept and experience of the


While the Onyx Tablet may be under the Editorship of any Initiate of the Priesthood, the

High Priest of Set will personally review and approve all additions to its contents, with an

Eye to their fulfillment of the above criteria. The impetus is for a more evolutionary,

rather than a more static concept of the Priesthood. At the same time the lack of

predetermined signposts in our future mandates care and deliberation where the

incorporation of doctrine is concerned.

The Onyx Tablet of Set is to be safeguarded by each Initiate of the Priesthood in such a

way that it cannot be accessed, taken, or copied by any non-Initiate of the Priesthood. Its

existence as a section of the Jeweled Tablets of Set is known to the Temple as a whole,

but information as to its specific contents should not be discussed outside the Priesthood.

It is the premise of the Temple of Set that the greatest trust be placed in the Priesthood;

therefore the most vital and sensitive of information will be found within the Onyx

Tablet. The careless or improper release or use of such information could result in severe

harm to individual Setians, and to the Temple as a whole.

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Byłem na oficjalnej stronie, no ale cóż, mój angielski nie jest na tyle opanowany abym mógł wiernie sobie tę stronkę przetłumaczył ;)

może skorzystaj z mojej rady tj. z tłumacza google? nie jest to idealne tłumaczenie ale jesteś w stanie z grubsza zrozumieć tekst

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